It’s been a good year, 2018. Looking back at the year around the farm we appreciate each season as it approaches. Living in Ohio on the farm we meet each season with anticipation for what that season means to farm life and what work needs to be done. Winter is a time to reflect on what happened earlier and what changes need to be made for the upcoming spring with crops and animals. We are looking forward to becoming grass farmers. One of our favorite seasons: spring is the time for planting and watching everything wake up. Gardens, crops, everything comes to life in the spring. The air is fresh and grass is green, the warmer temperatures are a welcome sign to working outdoors even more. Calves are born, chicks are growing, we are outside all the time in the spring. Summer is a welcome time to baling hay, and grazing all of our animals too. They love the lush green grasses. Beef cattle, meat chickens and laying hens are soaking in the sun while we watch and work around the farm. Fall brings is always welcome on the farm. The beauty of crisp autumn air and trees in full foliage in Ohio is wonderful, vibrant reds, golds and browns. Jacket weather approaches as we prepare the farm for winter, colder temperatures, and beautiful snow which we love here at Gathered Family Farm.

As we reflect upon the year 2018 we know that we want to “simplify” more in the coming year. We are looking for ways to become unbusy, if that’s even possible with farm life. We have decided that it is something we want to try, being less busy on the farm. We’re going to stop and “smell the roses” more, unclutter. We’re asking these questions of ourselves, “what does this look like?” Prioritize jobs around the farm, spend more time with our kids and grandkids. We have reached a time in our lives where instead of making ends meet we want fewer ends. Not just financial ends, but labor too. If it is hard to keep up with all the work then we need less work. We love the farm and we love what we do but we love the idea of “simplifying” here on the farm too. We’re looking forward to seeing what that looks like in the new year. Follow our farm journey as we blog “around the farm” including Living off the Land, Growing Great Food, and Adventures with Gus.